Picking the Right PA System

Author: Eddie Gomez


First question to ask yourself. Is how much power do I need out a PA (public address system). For example, consider how big your audience is. As well as, what kind of space you are playing at. A coffee shop gig with a 1500 watts PA system will be extremely overkill. A rule of thumb is generally 1500 watts PA for mid-size venues roughly 150 to 250 people. And roughly 60 watts PA for small acoustic performance.

Second, decide how important portability is. Some PA systems are bigger others and pretty bulky. While others, have cases with wheels to easily move around. For example, Electro-Voice Evolve 30M Portable Column PA System.


Third, What's your budget? There are plenty of PA's on the market. One can easily spend thousands of dollars on a huge PA with fancy features like bluetooth control.

Personally, I would recommend QSC K series they sound great! They have three sizes depending on your venue needs. They are bit pricey with the K8.2 coming it at $819.99 and the K12.2 at $999.99. If those are above your budget, QSC also has a budget CP line of Powered Speakers. With the CP8 1000w 8" Speaker for $479.99.